If you’re searching for insurance plans, then you might have the option to choose between Non-Qualified plans and Qualified plans. The first step to buying insurance is knowing which plans you qualify for in your state.

  • Non-Qualified plans are an affordable alternative for those who cannot afford Obamacare, are generally healthy, and do not require coverage for pre-existing conditions. Examples of Non-Qualified insurance are supplemental and short term medical.

    Non-qualified plans
  • Supplemental insurance helps cover accidents, critical illness, hospital expenses, dental and vision. Short term medical is temporary insurance intended to cover unexpected illness or injury for a specfic term (30-364 days).

    Supplemental insurance
  • Qualified plans, or Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, are required by certain states and offer immediate coverage for any pre-existing conditions and a variety of health issues covered by the Essential Health Benefits. Most qualified plans have cost-sharing options with varying deductibles and copayments.

    Qualified plans