Since each state has its own Department of Insurance, there are different types of laws when it comes to buying health coverage. That’s why it’s best to get to know your state’s general regulations before selecting a plan for you or your family.

Learn more about Iowa’s current health insurance and the types of options residents have below!

Iowa Health Insurance Options

Iowa is one of the six states that holds a partnership health insurance exchange with the federal government. If you choose a qualified plan, you can enroll through HealthCare.Gov, or a private exchange like iHealth Agents. The advantage of using a private exchange like iHealth Agents is that you can shop the same qualified plans at, but also have access to the many non-qualified plans and supplemental coverages not offered at

Iowa also has other insurance options, including newly-introduced legislation that allows the off-exchange purchasing of non-qualified plans through a Farm Bureau partnership. Like other non-qualified plans, these are typically less expensive with varying coverage options.

Qualified plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act, which satisfies the ten Essential Health Benefits, a set of benefits that are guaranteed to cover specific healthcare costs without discriminating against age, gender, location, or lifestyle choices.

Non-qualified plans are not compliant with the ACA, meaning that they do not cover all ten Essential Health Benefits. However, these plans are much cheaper and can still offer comprehensive coverage.

These plans are available on or off the exchange and can be purchased individually or for an entire family.

Iowa Individual Health Insurance

Iowa's individual health insurance is a type of coverage you purchase if you are only covering yourself or your family. You can choose to get insurance coverage through a private exchange like iHealth Agents, directly from the insurance company,, your employer, or a social insurance plan like Medicare or Medicaid. Under the new Medicaid Expansion, individuals under 65 years old who are up to 138% of the federal poverty level may qualify.

For ACA qualified plans, individuals can expect these average costs of premiums in Iowa (Age 40, Zip code 50301):

  • Single Adult

    Single adult

  • Married Couple

    Married Couple


As aforementioned, Iowans have other options, such as non-qualified plans. Non-qualified plans can be an excellent choice for healthy individuals without preexisting conditions who want to pay a lower premium each month.

Iowa Family Health Insurance

Family health insurance is a type of coverage that includes the entire family, including yourself, your spouse, and any dependents.

Iowan families who choose to purchase health insurance can expect these monthly premiums for a qualified plan. (Age 40 with children under 26 years old, zipcode 50301):

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with one child

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with two children

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with three children


However, while qualified plans are comprehensive, they can get a little pricey. For those searching for cheaper premiums with the right coverage, non-qualified plans are an excellent alternative for the whole family.

Iowa Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance in Iowa

Short-term health insurance is a viable option for those who want temporary coverage while searching for something more permanent. Because of this, short-term plans may appeal to you if:

  • You missed the Open Enrollment deadline
  • You are waiting to join your spouse’s or employer’s plan
  • You were recently removed from your parents’ qualified plan

Iowa has agreed to follow the federal regulations on short-term coverage—which include 364-day coverage with a 24 month or 36 month renewal option that provides the opportunity to have continuous coverage guaranteed for up o 36 months

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